Workshops and Classes

I have been honored to be able to present some workshops on Tarot, and this is where you can download the notes I used.

As I explain in the workshops these downloads and courses are suggestions and a starting point;
they are things that most readers will agree are basic aspects of the cards.
There is so much more to the Tarot than what is possible to put into a few pages or a few hours of video.

This is a compilation of correspondences, meanings and keywords for working with the Tarot.


- Introduction to the Tarot email course -
The Introduction to the Tarot email course was created to give you a basic understanding of what the Tarot is,
how it came to be, how to choose a deck and more.

The  course is sent out over 5 days in easily digestable information bites.
It is meant to give you an overview of the Tarot with an eye toward learning how to read the cards.
You will come away with a better idea of:

1)  Where the Tarot came from
2)  What the suits and trumps are
3)  How to choose a deck
4)  Basic meanings of the cards
5) Tarot spreads

If you have ever wondered  about Tarot cards and how they work, this is a simple and FREE way to learn more about them.
Click here to sign up!

- Introduction to the Tarot Online course -
The Onine class, Introduction to the Tarot, is a more detailed examination of the Tarot than what the Email course provides.
Visit the school and watch some of the videos to see what the class is all about, and get ready to learn more about the Tarot cards!

Introduction to the Tarot

The State of Connecticut says I have to say that Tarot Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only.
They obviously haven't spoken to my clients!
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