Tarot Parties and Events

Tarot Parties help you bring something new to your gatherings and Corporate Events.

Tarot Readings can be tailored for:
  • Private Party
  • A New Year's look at the coming year
  • Birthday Party
  • A "Game Day" alternative for those who do not follow the sport
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Party
  • Corporate Events
  • Annual Employee Party

Private Parties

Getting together with friends is always fun, but every now and then you want to do something different. That's where Tarot Parties come in!

At a Tarot Party your guests can get a private Tarot Reading while the party is going on. Depending on the length of the party and the number of guests you will have, we can determine the discounted price per reading and the time each guest will have when we set up the party appointment. As a rule of thumb, 15 - 20 minutes per reading is usually good for groups of 6 to 10. For 3 to 5 people the readings can be 30 minutes each.

When you set up a party I'll bring everything I need for the readings, and my Lady Joy will come along to help keep track of who's next and how much longer they will have to wait. I try to keep to a schedule but sometimes I run a bit long, and Joy helps keep me on track.

If you are interested in a Tarot Party for a small group please email me to set up a time and location. If you have 5 or more people at your party you will get a free, 30 minute reading.

Corporate Parties and Events

Tarot Readings at your company party or event can add a new dimension to the entertainment. Guests get a chance to do something they may not otherwise experience, and they will walk away a little more informed than when they sat down for the reading.

Readings at your party or event can be as short or as long as you would like, but a good rule of thumb is 5 - 8 guests per hour for a 3-card reading, and 10 - 15 people per hour for a one-card reading. More detailed readings utilizing more cards can be done if there are fewer guests in attendance.
All of the readings will focus on the positive and be upbeat so that no one will need to be concerned with what the cards have to say.

The rate is $100/ hour with a 2 hour minimum. Travel time up to 50 miles outside of Fairview, NY (Erie County) will not be counted towards the event timing. Send me an email with the date, time and location of your event and we can work out the details well in advance!

Mark gave me a great reading. He explained each card well and in great detail, and he spoke with compassion, kindness and a clear knowledge of how to read Tarot. Everything he said makes sense and I am excited for the nearest future as (hopefully) his predictions come true. I will definitely be calling again. ~Irina

The State of Pennsylvania says I have to say that Tarot Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only.
They obviously haven't spoken to my clients!
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